About Us

MyWay Miniatures is a small, two-man Russian based company producing collectable miniatures for anyone who takes interest in this form of art.

We are Alexander Zigle and Roman Tarasov and before we became artists we were hobbyists. Through years of modeling experience we formed a solid opinion on what we like about hobby market and what we don't. We realise that the best way to change things is to do them the only way that matters - your way! As name implies we started MyWay Miniatures to share our artistic vision with fellow modelers, collectors and gamers throughout the world.

Our products are high-resolution resin casts of our own sculpts and we work hard to ensure quality of each individual copy. All miniatures are supplied as a multi-part kit unpainted and unassembled. Some degree of skill and additional instruments are required to put the parts together. Due to small size and materials used we do not recomend this products for children under 12.

We are always open for new ideas and projects, so if you feel like we can help each other please contact us!